How do I change my initial password?

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1. Starting from the home page, click on ‘Change Password’ under the 'Quick Links' section.

If clicking on the 'Change Password' link does not show you the 'Sign in' webpage, it's possible another Microsoft account is saved into your browser. Try right-clicking on the 'Change Password' link and selecting to open it in a Private/Incognito window.

2. Enter your student email address ( as the ‘Username’. Then click ‘Next’.

Please note that any apostrophes in your name will be replaced with an underscore “_”. For example, someone with the email Person.O’ will use as their email username.

3. The temporary password will be your 8 digit date of birth. <Your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format (e.g., May 23, 1992 would be “05231992”)> Then click the 'Sign in' button

4. The 'Current password' will be your 8 digit date of birth. Enter the password that you would like to change it to in the ‘New password’ and ‘Confirm password’ fields. Then click the 'Sign in' button to continue.

 ( * Please note your new password will need to meet the following requirements: Minimum of 15 characters, at least 2 special characters( !@%>[\]._ ), contain both upper and lowercase characters, contain at least 1 number, must not be a palindrome, and cannot match any of your 20 previous passwords * )

5. A 'More information required' dialog box will show. Click on the 'Next' button.

6. By setting this up, it will add more security to your account and also allow you to reset your own password in the future. It defaults to the 'Microsoft Authenticator' app but you can change that by selecting 'I want to set up a different method'

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